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Welcome to Peter

Hi and welcome to This is my website so you can learn a bit more about me, exchange ideas and tips and generally discover all things IT and radio.   I am interesting in radio broadcasting and have been since I was in the early stages at high school.   I took to computers at the same time so when computers, internet and radio started to merge and the technology blurred I soon found my calling in “new media”  I am involved heavily in the community radio sector in both radio program presentation, program planning, audio production and later the technical side of broadcasting.

This website will give ABC listeners the opportunity to see what I look like and interact. . Also you will be able to read information about what is happening in the information technology sector locally when I actually get time to update the blogs. 

I have been doing computer and information technology spots with ABC Mid North Coast since 1997 and now have spread out to doing segments with other ABC stations in NSW, QLD and Tasmania. 

I am a computer consultant, who has worked with a government owned Electricity Company’s internet service provider as a technical helpdesk officer until developing CRPS (a nasty nerve condition) a few years of rehab and I landed a job with a Poker Machine service company that also had IT repair and service contracts through a national services company on POS, Wagering, IT and other retail equipment.  I later transferred to a new company owned by the same owners which was to specialise in IT but because I found myself still doing more of the same I looked for other avenues.   I now work for the leading information technology services provider in the Hastings.

I see myself as an enthusiastic information technologist geared towards corporate, small office home office and small medium enterprise desktop support and because of this I have strong technical skills in desktop PC roll out, trouble shooting and repair. Listening to the ABC segment on ABC Mid North Coast you be able to see this demonstrated. I have many existing skills in supporting the Windows XP and its legacy releases and Macintosh OS 10.x operating systems. I am also interested in open source software for both Windows, Linux and Unix. Also cloud computing and the use of virtual server technologies like VMWARE.

Whilst working in Internet Service sectors I developed skills in PSTN, ISDN, ADSL and VOIP support areas as well as a number of Telstra Wholesale legacy products. Whilst some of these Telstra Wholesale products have now been abandoned by the “Big T” others of simular nature exist in the nations other major telecommunications providers and thus the skill sets are adaptable and somewhat transferable. I also picked up new skill sets working in the high demanding, challenging and somewhat rewarding Gaming and Wagering Sectors    Not only did I work for a company that maintained Electronic Gaming Machines (Pokies) and currency counting and management systems but the company helped maintain TAB Wagering, Point Of Sale and other specialist equipment for major hospitality, betting, retail, fast food and banking corporations.

Now I work for the leading information technology service provider in Hastings who looks after most major brands and the world’s number one brand of printer. The company also does 90% of all the Eftpos machines in the area for all the banks.

I regularly try to keep up with changes in technologies and software. As well as taking calls and dealing with problems on-air with the ABC Local Radio Team, I generously (and possibly foolishly) offering to answer your questions online as time permits. Having an extensive network of professionals that I can call upon to assist him with specific tasks and projects, this allows me to obtain answers quickly to complex computing issues. 



E-mail: • Phone: 0265150235 • Mobile: 0417851627 Websites: and